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How to Find Victory Over Sin

The English cuckoo bird never builds her own nest. Instead, she lays her egg in a different mother bird’s nest when that bird is away. That mother bird—we might call her Mrs. Thrush—is not very good at math. So when she returns to sit on her eggs, she doesn’t notice there is an extra large egg in the nest.

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Beginning Your Journey With Jesus

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was 12 years old and was attending a Christian youth camp in the small Scottish village of Aboyne. Coming from a strong Christian home, I knew about Jesus Christ but had never personally placed my faith in Him. During that week of camp, I became convinced this was the time for me to trust in Christ. I believed that He died for my sins on the cross, was buried and, as the Son of God, rose on the third day. Acknowledging I needed my sins to be forgiven, I prayed and called on the Lord Jesus to save me. And He did!

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Surviving the White Water of Life

From time to time all of us have faced heartbreaking circumstances. A crisis or tragedy comes suddenly and unexpectedly into our lives, and in a moment we find ourselves in the white water of life from which there seems no escape. Being a pastor, I encounter these situations with people almost on a daily basis. The week of Oct. 9, 2011, was particularly heartwrenching. After our Sunday service, a couple approached me. The wife explained that two years ago she had breast cancer and by God’s goodness it had gone into remission. But recently the cancer had come back with a vengeance: it was in stage 4. The couple stood beside me, weeping.

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About John Munro

John_Munro_2013webOnce a lawyer in Scotland, John is now a preacher of grace and shepherd of souls. God has gifted him to preach His Word with power and clarity, shepherd His people with love and compassion, and lead His church with wisdom and humility. Read More

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