Have you ever caught yourself justifying your own wrongdoing by judging someone else who (in your opinion) has done something much worse? It is so easy to find fault with others and be blind to our own faults and sins.

Some people may think of themselves as “good” or “respectable”, but God knows our hearts. We all fall short of the perfection and total righteousness of God. And when we harshly judge others, we are condemning ourselves.

It is only because of God’s kindness and mercy that we do not experience immediate judgment for our sins. Why? Romans 2:4 specifically tells us because God is giving us an opportunity to repent, to ask forgiveness and get right with Him.

Yet, we often misinterpret that kindness and rationalize our own sin. For instance, someone might think, “When I started this relationship, I felt a bit bad, but lightning hasn’t struck. It’s not really so bad after all.” This is a false sense of security. If you think you can continue in your sin and God will forgive you when you decide, you are on dangerous ground. You are presuming on the grace of God.

Realize that God has no double standards, no favorites, and no exceptions. We must look within ourselves and stop judging others. In a spirit of love we can explain that certain conduct is wrong without judging and condemning the person. We must allow God’s patience and kindness to lead us to personal reflection and repentance, and live lives that demonstrate the evidence of authentic faith in Jesus Christ.

John Munro

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