Last month I completed 10 years as Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, and was presented with these bagpipes! What a great gift! These 10 years have been unforgettable. I am humbled when I think of all that the Lord has done in and through the people of Calvary Church. I constantly tell newcomers that Calvary Church is not about a huge building or a campus of 100 acres, but about people seeking to glorify God. We are the church!

A Scottish pastor serving in Charlotte, NC has its unique challenges. My frequent suggestions to bagpipes being an integral part of the worship services have largely gone unheeded. At least I now have bagpipes on the wall of my study! The congregation has been very patient with me, and has even enjoyed some of my Scottish humor—it’s still a stretch for some! When I first came to Calvary a few people left the church as they said they couldn’t understand my accent. When they tried to correct me I firmly explained that the English language was not invented in North Carolina, y’all!

In all seriousness, my Scottish background and Gudny’s Scandinavian background help in welcoming people from all over the world. This has increased the diversity of Calvary Church. Perhaps one day first generation immigrants will outnumber the rest at Calvary! Bagpipes and Calvary may be inseparable!

John Munro

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