Does it sometimes seem that those who rebel against God or live as if there is no God often go through life undisturbed?

In Romans 1:18-34, we learn about the wrath of God, His holy and righteous reaction to evil. The judgment of God will certainly come in the future, but you may be surprised to learn that God’s judgment is also evidenced in the present.

When a society rejects God, God delivers that society to its own desires, and that society experiences the judgment of God through the consequences of its freely chosen course of action. Do we really think we can live as we like with no consequences?

One of the characteristics of this kind of society is that the people reject the truth of God and believe lies. What lies? Happiness is doing our own thing. God is restrictive, a cosmic killjoy. Your parents are terribly old-fashioned. Just focus on having a good time. Don’t worry about God or anyone else. But what happens? Chaos, pain, disaster!

As we abandon God, even the way we think is affected. People begin to think that bad is good and good is bad. We become masters at rationalizing our sin and find ourselves in a downward spiral. Isn’t that where we are in our society?

God never abandons us in an absolute sense, but He does sometimes allow us to pursue our own desires without restraining us and allows us to reap what we sow. Being “free” to live any way you like, adopting any kind of lifestyle without moral consideration, is not something to celebrate – ultimately it’s a downward spiral into a hopeless and meaningless existence.

But these sins are not unforgiveable! In the wonderful grace of God our Lord Jesus “came into the world to save sinners.” All of us have sinned! So we don’t condemn, but we must each turn from our sin and live a life not rebelling against God, but a life loving and serving our glorious Savior.

John Munro

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