At the heart of our challenge to total commitment to Jesus Christ is the call to be different. It may surprise you to discover that following Christ is counter-cultural!

We are not to model ourselves after the ideas, trends, values, and mindsets of our surrounding culture. As followers of Christ, we belong to Him, and this should be evident in the way we live. As we read in Romans 12:2, we are to be “transformed by the renewal of your mind.” We are to think and act in a spiritual way about life.

The result is that followers of Christ are different. When others are rocked by the circumstances of life, we should be at peace, secure in God’s sovereignty and His purposes for our lives. When others are fatalistic and harsh, we should be people of hope and grace. People should see something of Jesus Christ in us.

And what happens when they do?

People want to know why we’re different. They want to know the reason for the hope we have. By displaying Jesus, we then have the opportunity to proclaim Jesus. To share your story of how He saved you and impacted your life. To point someone to the Word of God.

“Evangelism” is often viewed with skepticism in today’s world, the word often conjuring up thoughts of fanaticism, manipulation or intolerance. Ultimately it is God who saves, but as followers of Christ we do have the privilege and the responsibility to tell others about Jesus Christ.

Telling others about Christ is not a mysterious or intimidating activity reserved for full-time missionaries or preachers or people in ministry. Sharing Jesus starts with displaying Jesus, and then communicating the Gospel. It’s that simple, and it’s something everyone can do.

All around us people are searching and suffering. Every person is headed for eternity. And we have the good news for all people.

This year, display and proclaim Jesus with grace and truth. Pray for open doors. And remember, the power is not in you or your powerful arguments or amazing answers. The power is in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Communicate Jesus and trust our great God to do the rest.

John Munro

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