I was saved by God’s grace at a Christian youth camp when I was 12 years old. The theme verse of the camp was Psalm 119:9: “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your Word.”

How can a young man, a young woman, an older man, an older woman, live a life pleasing to God? How can our students live a pure life in our corrupt and often sleazy society?

We could give all kinds of answers to that question. Choose your friends wisely.  Have a healthy self-esteem.  Don’t put yourself in difficult circumstances.  Think carefully before you act.  Work out your own belief system, but here is God’s answer “By guarding it according to [His] Word.”

As a society we have marginalized the authority and importance of God’s Word, the Bible. George Gallup said, “Americans revere the Bible—but by and large they don’t read it.” We are not reading our Bibles. Parents are not reading the Bible to their children. Preachers are not preaching the Bible. It is your personal responsibility to read, study and meditate on the Word of God.

But hearing, reading, studying and memorizing the Word are not sufficient.  We must be doers of the Word. We may think we are strong Christians because we have heard the Word.  We may think we are spiritual because we hear biblical preaching and attend Bible studies.

Bur our goal is not just to have the Word of God in our heads, but to have the Word in our hearts and lives; to obey it and personally apply it in our lives. As our lamp the Word of God, the Bible, will guide your path and transform your life.

Our world is weary of the words of those of us who profess to be Christians. Don’t just say you are a follower of Jesus, demonstrate it in your life.

John Munro

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