Most people’s behavior, attitudes, lifestyle and decisions are determined by external pressures rather than their internal convictions. What about you?

In Daniel 3, we find outstanding examples of integrity, courage and faith in three young men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego. They defy the king’s order to bow down and worship him, even if it means a horrifying death in a fiery furnace. Their internal convictions are of supreme importance to them. However fierce, however hot, however terrifying the external pressures on them, they will not bow.

Dare to be different. Don’t compromise. Don’t go against your conscience. Don’t go against God’s Word. Don’t bow. Don’t go along with the flow. Don’t bend to external pressures. Be strong and courageous. Take a stand for God! When facing external pressures be true to your internal convictions.

John Munro

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