When was the last time you shared Jesus with someone? The idea of sharing the Gospel may be intimidating, but as followers of Christ, we believe that eternal destinies are at stake. We have the Good News and our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded that we share it with others.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are to be condescending or confrontational, or behave as know-it-alls. When we look at the example of Jesus, we see that He engages people, such as Nicodemus (John 3) and the woman at the well (John 4), with grace and truth. He’s a good listener and relates to each person as an individual.

Are you a good listener? We may feel pressure to have all the answers, but often raising thoughtful questions based on where the person is coming from is much more helpful than trying to win an argument.

  • The Question of Origins: Who are we and were did we come from? Why is there something rather than nothing? What do they believe? “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
  • The Question of Purpose: Why are we here? Many people are searching for meaning in their lives. We are all made in the image of God to glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever. Our search for justice, goodness and truth points us to God Himself.
  • The Question of What’s Gone Wrong: We can all see that something has gone terribly wrong in our world, in our hearts, lives, homes and cities. Why all the tears, violence, abuse, and injustice?
  • The Question of What’s the Solution: What can we do? In love and grace God sends His Son to rescue us, to forgive our sins, and to transform us. Through His power and grace, our lives and the lives of those around us can be transformed.
  • The Question of Destiny: Where do we go after death? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Following Jesus is a personal relationship of faith and trust, and one that offers abundant life.

Always remember that the power is in God’s Gospel, not you. Your responsibility is to sow the seed as God provides the opportunity, with gentleness and respect. It is God who works in each person’s heart and it is God who saves.

John Munro

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