What does it mean to be generous? It’s the opposite of being stingy or miserly. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 9:6-8 that “God loves a cheerful giver,” but what does this actually mean?

We may immediately think of money. It’s certainly important to give to the Lord as an act of worship and obedience. How we spend our money often points to our true priorities. But being generous goes far beyond financial contributions.

Are we generous in grace as we interact with others? Are we gracious in our speech and in our actions? Are we quick to help one another, to serve one another? To give of our time and to meet needs?

God created us with different abilities, different personalities, and gifts.  Are you using your gifts with grace and humility to bless others and to glorify God? Or are you using your gifts for your own advancement in a spirit of pride?

Make no mistake, God doesn’t need what you give. However, what we sow, we reap. The desire to be generous, serve others and demonstrate grace is an indication of the heart, and a powerful display to others.

Following Christ is not a spectator sport. It is a life of total commitment, a challenge to active participation as we grow in our relationship to God and serve others. How are you giving to the Lord and using your gifts?

John Munro

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