The incarnation — God becoming man — is without parallel in the history of the universe. This is the staggering, unique event of Christmas. Our eternal God becomes part of the world He created without ceasing to be the Creator! He who is so awesome that the heavens cannot contain Him, now becomes a human being. And not only does He enter into time and space, He enters into our world.

John 1:14 tell us “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Literally, John is saying that the Word became flesh and “pitched His tent” among us. The tabernacle was a tent in which God dwelt in the Old Testament, but in Jesus Christ, the eternal God, the Word, the Son of God, now enters into time and lives among us. Isn’t that astonishing? He didn’t need to do that. He could have shouted his message down to us, but instead, He chose to come and live among us as one of us. God with us.

John Munro

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