When we talk of human rights, when we talk of American values, family values and traditional values, where did these values and rights come from? Where do our values of freedom, tolerance, equality and diversity come from?

We say that they come from the Bible. The Bible explains that God made everyone one of us, irrespective of color, nationality or education level or socio-economic status in His image. So when I look at you and you look at me, we are looking at people (whoever we are and whatever we may think of each other) made in the image of God…including the unborn.

In Europe and increasingly here in the US, we see the authority of the Bible marginalized and rejected. My native Scotland was once called Bible-loving Scotland, but the Bible has been removed from many churches.

My question is this: “How can these values, which are so important to us, which are so important in terms of our identity and our history, survive in a society which increasingly rejects God and His Word?”

In other words, if you discard the root (the Bible) as merely people writing their personal perspectives and experiences can the fruit (these values) survive? If you get rid of the Bible, on what basis are you going to say these values are important to us?

There can be no compromise on this–the Bible is the Word of God. Absolute truth. The true Word of the true God in a world of fake news, rumors, character assassination, and gossip. To deny it is to sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, a tragedy in the making for our society.

John Munro

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