I have enjoyed reading and rereading the many biblical passages on King David. There is certainly plenty of material for the series on “The Life of David” which I am planning to commence at Calvary on the evening of September 9.

Why did I choose such a study? I have always been intrigued by David as he seemed to be an individual who had so many different gifts and talents, and who led such an extraordinary full life. He is the only person in Scripture who is described as “a man after God’s own heart.”

When we first meet David he seems to be a real “super-hero.” He is the youngest brother, and yet anointed as the future king of Israel. Then he kills the giant Goliath, and shows great courage and skill in leading the battle against the Philistines. He is also a skilled musician and poet, and writes some of the most superb literature ever written as contained in the Psalms of David. But David is a complex character who is also given to bouts of anger, deception, and immorality. Also although he is Israel’s greatest king and a brilliant leader, he can’t seem to manage his own family.

We sometimes expect our fellow believers to be almost perfect, but all of us need God’s forgiveness. David will help us to grow in our love for God, our effectiveness as servants of God, and also will give us a greater understanding of God’s magnificent grace. Join me in this series as we pursue being people after God’s own heart.

John Munro

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  • There is a book by Beth Moore called “A Heart Like His” which is about the life of David that I’m sure you will enjoy…thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to His Word…it lives in and through all of us…and even though the body may fade…the spirit endures. BAS