When you’re wronged, what’s your first reaction?

The desire to get even is part of our human nature. We want to strike back and make the offender pay! If not now, then at our next opportunity – through a sarcastic remark, a critical attitude or retaliation in kind. There is a certain satisfaction in getting even, in getting our revenge.

But God’s Word clearly says that followers of Jesus are not to indulge in revenge. When treated unfairly, we are to demonstrate genuine love, even to our enemies. We are to bless them, not curse or shout or show our annoyance or want some disaster to overtake them.

How is this possible?

Followers of Christ are not immune to the temptation to get even. However, we do know the supernatural love of God. God loves us despite our failures and imperfections. None of us deserves the love of God, and yet He loves us and offers us grace and salvation.

The same supernatural love of God that saves us also transforms us. It empowers us to show the love of God to others in the face of evil, injustice and suffering. His love flowing through us impacts our troubled world.

God knows all about every situation in your life. He is just and the only One who can dispense perfect justice, and He will do so in His time and way.

We can either be conquered by evil and add to it, or have the victory through God’s love and peace and kindness. How will you live?

John Munro

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