Last Sunday a Calvary member kindly gave me a 1864 copy of the Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. She had purchased it in a bookstore in London. I love books, and often think that if we read more of the classics rather than the constant obsession with the latest publication we would be far better off!

Pilgrim’s Progress begins with a man with a book in his hand and a great burden on his back. He is crying, “What shall I do to be saved?” How can he get rid of his terrible burden of sin?

The first part of Pilgrim’s Progress concludes with Hopeful and Christian reaching Celestial City. Ignorance comes to the gate, but does not have his certificate to show to the King. He is led away. Bunyan then writes, “Then I saw that there was a way to Hell even from the gates of Heaven, as well as from the City of Destruction.”

I enthusiastically encourage you to read or re-read the Pilgrim’s Progress!

John Munro

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