What are your priorities? What is important to you? Where do you spend your time? What do you spend your money on? What do you think about? If I knew the answers to these questions I would know your priorities! If we don’t have clear priorities, then it is easy to get off track, to waste time or risk not accomplishing what matters most.

For followers of Jesus Christ, it can be easy to get distracted in today’s world. Current events and issues related to political action, educational reform, social justice, economic opportunity cry out for our attention. These important areas certainly involve followers of Jesus Christ, but they should not be of first importance.

The church becomes weak and compromised when it allows our unbelieving culture to set its agenda. We must never forget that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our first priority, not who gets in the White House, the fate of Obamacare, or what kind of local school system we have. I have views on these things, but for followers of Christ and His church, these things cannot be our overriding or defining focus.

Christ died and rose for our sins. He was buried and rose again. This is the message that the whole world needs to hear. Of all of the thingsĀ Jesus could have said to His followers just before His ascension, He commanded us to go and make disciples of all of the nations. The Gospel of God concerning His Son is to be our priority–in our prayers, in our lives, in our interactions with others.

John Munro

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