Your life is not at the whim of fate or of unseen mechanistic or capricious forces. Followers of Jesus are not fatalists nor do we believe in luck. The Lord has worked in your life through seemingly trivial events and apparent “coincidences” to bring you to Christ, and so you would grow in His grace. Our majestic God, the sovereign God, the God of love who in grace sent His Son our Lord Jesus Christ to die and redeem us, is sovereignly at work behind the scenes.

He is the perfect choreographer, sovereign over all of history, sovereign over all of the nations, sovereign over all of time, sovereign over all of eternity. He oversees the fall of a sparrow; He overseas the fall of nations. Therefore always find your joy, peace, security, and satisfaction in Him. We have the absolute assurance that nothing in the whole universe can separate us from the everlasting love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Our loving Father works all things for our good. Trust Him and praise Him.

John Munro

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