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In Charlotte, NC: WHVN 1240AM/104.3FM

  • 7:30AM Weekdays
  • 8:00AM Saturdays & 12:00PM Sundays

In Raleigh, NC:  WPJL on 1240 AM

  • 7:30AM Weekdays

In Wilmington, NC:  WZDG The Word on 88.5FM

  • 7:30PM Saturdays & Sundays

In Asheville, NC: WSKY on 1230AM

  • 8:30AM weekdays

In Indianapolis, IN: WBRI on 1500AM & 96.7FM

  • 5:30PM weekdays

In Kansas City, MO: KCNW on 1380AM & 96.1FM

  • 2:00 & 6:00PM weekdays

In Pittsburgh, PA: WWNL on 1080AM & 103.9FM

  • 4:30PM weekdays

In Reno, NV: KBOOK on 99.3FM (New!)

  • 6:00PM weekdays


“The Verdict” is also available in East Africa via short-wave on Sundays at 9PM local time.

  • Frequencies 9475 & 9500 on meter band 31

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The Verdict is a radio ministry of Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC.

Calvary is an evangelical, non-denominational church in Charlotte, NC. At Calvary, our mission is to be and make authentic followers of Jesus Christ. To worship God passionately, to preach and teach His Word faithfully, and to serve others in love as we share His Gospel throughout the world. Join us on this incredible journey!

“For the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ” — Revelation 1:9