May 5, 2017

After breakfast Fred and I met with the Bible Mission team for a time of prayer. I spoke on the fear of God from Proverbs 9:10 and 3:5-7 and we prayed. After visiting a market, we went to the Russian Orthodox Church in the center of Almaty and also the mosque. At the time of the call to prayer the mosque was full both inside and out. Pray that the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will shine on Almaty.

After lunch, we then drove to the village where Calvary missionary, Yana, ministers to students and children. It was quite the drive over some terrible roads, but eventually we reached the town.  A new prayer house had been built by the Almaty church about two years ago and it really was very well done. The neighbors were believers and we chatted with an elderly woman who had an extensive yard. Incidentally as we left she gave us a couple dozen eggs as I had remarked on the health of her chickens!

The students at the prayer house really were quite delightful and warmly welcomed us. There were about 20 of them there. (Yana said more were normally there today as this was some kind of celebration day.) They were excited as we took photos with our cell phones although a number of them had small cell phones themselves.

Yana asked each of them to identify themselves, tell a little about themselves, and speak about their relationship with Christ. We sang, and then a young man gave a short message on spiritual blindness and the opening of eyes. Yana asked me to share a little, which I did, urging the students to seek first the kingdom of God. By this time it was after 9PM – we started at 7PM. It was quite surprising that they were going to continue until 10PM and have some food and some games.

As we closed, a number shared requests and we prayed. In the usual way we stood to pray, and as we did so two young girls in their early teens knelt on the floor. Fred concluded the prayer by asking God’s blessing on these students. Praise God for Yana’s outstanding work and the precious seed which is being sown in these young lives.

John Munro

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