Will we know one another in heaven? Of course! In heaven, we will have new, changed, glorified, spiritual bodies. But our glorified bodies will have a continuing identity with our present bodies. Scripture teaches the redemption of the body, not the redemption from the body. And we will be like Christ “who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body,” (Philippians 3:21). Our new bodies will not be subject to decay, disease or death.

We will not only see and recognize one another, we will know one another and commune with one another much better than we ever experienced on earth. We definitely will be smarter in heaven than we are here! One of our great joys on earth is fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. That joy will be intensified in heaven.

We shall be united with all of the people of God forever. What a joyful reunion! We will be with all those who lived by faith. All of the redeemed will be there. All those saved by grace will be safely in the Father’s house. That circle will never be broken. We will be “at home”: eternally at home, perfectly at home, joyfully at home.

Want to learn more about heaven? Watch my message on “The New Jerusalem“!

John Munro

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